The Weatheralls Primary School

Staff List

Headteacher: Jane Segust

Assistant Headteachers: Sophie Horncastle and Richard Ratcliffe

Safeguarding Team: Jane Segust, Richard Ratcliffe, Megan Goldsack & Zoe Corley



Teaching Staff


Jane Segust

Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Richard Ratcliffe

Assistant Headteacher & Year 2 Teacher 

Sophie Horncastle

Assistant Headteacher &  Year 6H Teacher

Zoe Corley

Early Years Class Teacher 

Charlie Maguire

Reception Class Teacher

Laura Bedwell

Year 1 Class Teacher 

Kellie Goodchild

Maternity Leave

Richard Ratcliffe

Year 2 Class Teacher

John Bungay

Year 3 Class Teacher

Louise Hill

Year 4 Class Teacher (3 days) & Year 2 Class Teacher (1 day)

Jackie Deal

Year 4 Class Teacher (2 days)

Catherine Mulholland

Year 5 Class Teacher

Harriet Stopher

Year 6S Class Teacher

Sophie Horncastle

Year 6H Class Teacher

Lorna Kirk

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Support Staff


Administration/Main Reception


Pauline Whitwell

School Administrator

Tia Amery

Administrative Assistant

After School Club


Megan Goldsack

Leader (Session 2 until 6:00pm)/ Designated Person for Child Protection

Tia Amery

Assistant (Session 1 until 4:30pm)

Claire Brannan

Assistant (Wednesday, Thursday - Session 2 until 6:00pm)

Tracey Bradbeer

Assistant (Monday, Tuesday, Friday - Session 2 until 6:00pm)

Breakfast Club


Emma Leeke


Lucy Gordon




Tim Cockerton


Karen Hunt


Andrea Phillips


Kathy Rzeczycki


Anita Spichalska


Lunchtime Supervisors


Pamela Morris

Reception Lunchtime Supervisor

Michael Holt

Year 1 Lunchtime Supervisor / Lunchtime Lead

Rebecca Green

Year 2 Lunchtime Supervisor  

Jane Shepherd

Year 3 Lunchtime Supervisor 

Claire Brannan

Year 4 Lunchtime Supervisor

Lucy Gordon

Year 5 Lunchtime Supervisor

Andrea Phillips

Year 6H Lunchtime Supervisor

Beverley Owen

Year 6S Lunchtime Supervisor (4 days)

Bayan Sparrow

Year 6S Lunchtime Supervisor (1 day)

Teaching Assistants


Lindsay Hillier

Level 3 EYFS Practitioner (Pre-School)

Louise Fuller

Level 3 EYFS Practitioner (Pre-School)

Megan Goldsack

EYFS Practitioner (Reception) / Designated Person for Child Protection

Laura Baker

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Isabel Pearson

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Michael Holt

Year 1 Teaching Assistant

Celestyne Gordon

Year 2 Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Michelle Davey

Year 3 Teaching Assistant

Tracey Bradbeer

Year 4 Teaching Assistant

Sue Hunt

Year 5 Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA)

Sharon Wright

Year 5 Teaching Assistant (Part Time)

David Minchin

Year 5 1:1 Teaching Assistant

Diane Williams

Year 6 Higher Level Teaching Assistant (Part Time)

Youth Wellbeing Worker


Adele Pemberton