The Weatheralls Primary School

School Advisory Body

The Advisory Body of The Shade Primary School consists of a voluntary group of local people appointed for a four-year term of office. They represent the local community, parents, teaching and non-teaching staff.

 Their responsibilities include:

  • Setting the aims and objectives of the school in consultation with the Trustees
  • Determination of the educational vision and development plan of the school in consultation with the Trustees
  • Receive and note the annual budget for the school as set by the Trust Board and identify any risks that this may present in delivery of the school development plan and raise such matters through the Trust Board
  • Review the overall schools staffing structure
  • Evaluate the school performance along with the School Performance Committee
  • Consider the quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment and Curriculum development
  • Ensure that all children, including those with special educational needs, have access to a broad and balanced curriculum
  • Listen to and report to the school’s stakeholder: pupils, parents, staff and the wider community, including local employers
  • Undertake Advisory Body member visits
  • Consider community engagement and any community development plans. Advise the Trust Board of any local issues affecting the school
  • Review strategic developments and advise the Trust Board on value for money decisions

Key Documents

School Advisory Body Members Register of Interests 2023-24The Shade School Advisory Body Attendance 2022-2023

Our School Advisory Body 

Jane Segust


Andrew Baughan

Chair of the Advisory Body

Trustee and Parent Member of the Advisory Body.

Achievement Lead


Chair of SET Infrastructure Committee

Member of SET School Performance Committee

Member of SET Finance Committee

AB Weston

Appointed member of the Advisory Body

Behaviour Lead

Matt Cooper

Appointed member of the Advisory Body

Vice Chair and Trustee

Finance Lead

Pupil Premium Lead

Looked After Children Lead

Trustee of the Staploe Education Trust

Member of SET Finance Committee

Member of SET Infrastructure Committee


Adrian Fineberg

Parent Advisory Body Member

Teaching and Learning Lead

Michael Holt

Appointed Advisory Body Member

PE and Sports Grant Lead

Mental Health and Wellbeing Lead

Lisa Seymour

Appointed Advisory Body Member

Health and Safety Lead

Member of the SET Infrastructure Committee

Harriet Stopher

Staff Advisory Body Member

Simon Thompson

Appointed Advisory Body Member

Safeguarding Lead

Anti Bullying Lead

Rachel James

Governance Professional

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