The Weatheralls Primary School

School Advisory Body

The School Advisory Body (SAB) together with the Headteacher and senior staff, forms the school Leadership and Management team, and share responsibility for the school. The SAB hold the school to account for the standards it achieves. It must ensure that all resources (including the school budget and staff) are properly used to meet the needs of all children and provide value for money. School Advisory Body Members help to form the School Improvement Plan and are responsible for monitoring all aspects of its effectiveness in terms of outcomes for pupils.    

The SAB appoints the Headteacher, and delegates responsibility for the day to day running of the school.

Members of our SAB are also Directors of Staploe Education Trust and other governors sit on Trust committees, such as Risk and Audit and Infrastructure.

Staploe Education Trust
School Advisory Body Members Secure File Access
School Advisory Body Members Register of Interests 2020-2021
Kennett & The Shade School Advisory Body Attendance 2020-2021

Our School Advisory Body is made up of:

Jane Segust

Headteacher and Appointed Member of the Advisory Body.

Colin Watkins

Trustee and Appointed Member of the Advisory Body.

Child Protection and Safeguarding Lead. 

Child in Care Lead

Chair of SET Risk and Audit Committee






Duncan Poyser

Appointed Member of the Advisory Body.

PE/Sports Grant Lead

Member of SET Pupil Premium and Sports Grant Committee 






Andy Baughan


Chair of the Advisory Body

Trustee and Parent Member of the Advisory Body.

Achievement Lead

Health and Safety Lead


Mental Health and Well Being Lead

Vice Chair of SET Infrastructure Committee

Member of SET School Performance Committee




Michael Hallett

Staff Advisory Body Member






Michael Holt

Staff Advisory Body Member

Sophie Horncastle
Staff Advisory Body Member

Matt Cooper

Vice Chair

Vice Chair of the Advisory Body

Appointed member of the Advisory.

Finance Lead

Pupil Premium Lead

Member of SET Finance Committee

Member of SET Infrastructure Committee

Member of SET Pupil Premium and Sports Grant Committee

Darron Cullen

Appointed Advisory Body Member.

Teaching & Learning Lead

Member of SET Risk and Audit Committee

Rev Anna Jones

Appointed Advisory Body Member

Behaviour and Ethos Lead

Shazia Hussain

Parent Advisory Body Member

Michael Smith

Parent Advisory Body Member

Hazel Snashall

Parent Advisory Body Member

Rachel Earl

Clerk to the School Advisory Body