The Weatheralls Primary School

Parent Forum

The Shade Primary School Parent Forum is a  group of parents  that meet each half term with the headteacher to discuss  various issues and policies within school.  There are between two &  three parent representatives from each class across the school.  

We work together to ensure a strong partnership between parents and the school and give parents the opportunity to  become involved with some of the policies, issues and decisions that are made and affect their children.

We are continually looking for ways to develop the forum and our relationships with parents.

If you have ideas to share then please do speak to your class representative. Please see dates below for dates of the meetings. 

Class Representatives 2018-19


Rolandie Swan

Kate Drum

Shane Feltwell


Alison Bird

Helen Cavanagh

James Morris

Year One

Gemma King

Liz Henley


Year Two

Mark Hopkins

Zoe Harradine

Year Three

Sharon Welch

Alicia Marshal

Michelle Williamson

Year Four

Amber Gordon


Year Five

Michelle Miranda

Nina Cunnick


Meeting Dates:Thursday 6th December 2018, Thursday 14th February 2019, Friday 5th April 2019, Thursday 23rd May 2019, Friday 12th July 2019