The Weatheralls Primary School


The PTFA stands for the Parents, Teachers and Friends Association of The Shade Primary School. It is made up of just that; Parents, friends and teachers of the school, who all give some of their time, expertise and skills to raise money for the school and organise and run events that the children and the local community can enjoy and benefit from.

An example of some of the regular events the PTFA put on for the children are..

Cake breaks                        Discos

Easter Egg Hunts               Wheelathons

Christmas Fair                    Summer Family Fun Day

Family picnics

Many of these events, with small donations from those attending, pay for themselves. The money raised is also used to put larger projects into motion, and to support the school with materials and opportunities that they do not have a budget for. For example, we have raised funds for; a wider selection of library books, lunchtime play equipment, musical instruments and our most recent ‘Big Investment’ for the school, the Outdoor Classroom (very soon to be erected)!!


The Shade Primary School PTFA was formed in 2014 and has grown and grown ever since. Many of the original members are still a part of it and more parents and family members have joined over the years.

As a committee and more importantly, as a supportive and generous fundraising school, over £18,500 has been raised since the PTFA started!..WOW!!!

If you would like further information about our PTFA or if you would like to join, please speak to any of the Committee Members hosting this event or simply join our Facebook page and message us that way. It is always great to see new members joining the committee! Everyone’s input is always welcome and appreciated.