The Weatheralls Primary School

Our Curriculum

On this page we aim to give our parents/carers an overview of our whole school curriculum, our beliefs and vision for what and how we teach their children. Click below to read our school's Curriculum Statement. 

If you would like any further information about our curriculum please contact Mrs Segust, Headteacher, via the school office.

Handwriting Basics

Assessing Knowledge, Skills, Understanding and Progress

We believe progression is not simply a matter of ticking off what pupils can do.  Instead we are concerned with how well they can do things, their fluency and their depth of understanding.

Therefore we think it is important to track two things:

a) the breadth of learning (i.e. how many examples of learning we can see)

b) the depth of learning (i.e. the fluency of pupils, how well they apply knowledge and skills and their depth of understanding)

Throughout the year, we will be assessing if your child is at, below or above age-related expectations, considering what level of understanding they have (basic, advancing or deep).

A pupil who is working at the age-related expectations would be able to demonstrate, by the end of the academic year, sufficient evidence of the end of year expectations.