The Weatheralls Primary School

Learning at Home

Dear Parents/Carers,

We are pleased that you are so keen to support your children develop and grow as learners. Below are some useful websites to help you to support your child/ren with learning outside of school. We will endeavour to update this page when new or more relevant resources are brought to our attention.

We hope you find these helpful!

Parental Support

BBC schools have put together a useful website for parents about how to support your child's education and school work at home: have also created a page on their website with a series of articles aimed at parents. It gives advice on how you can help your child in positive ways and how to support them in their education. The articles have an emphasis on encouragement and show how learning activities can be fun:

Maths websites:

The Parent Toolkit is a website full of ideas to help parents/carers and children aged up to 13 enjoy maths together.

Hundreds of maths activities for years Reception to Year 6.

Problem solving maths game - can be downloaded as an app.

An app that secretly teaches your children algebra! You'll wish you had it when you were young.

A 3-D math exploration game that children will love to play.